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This started out as a side project to see if I could make a game and include "real" physics in it . It has since grown into a space fighter. (Can you guess the show that inspired it?) The goal of the game is to destroy Raiders. Its as simple as that.

This has consumed my free time for past month. Now that its done, I can do my homework.

Some slower computers may not be able to run the game correctly.




good game the viper spun to much though. and battlestar galactica was the inspiration. :)


YEY for Battlestar Galactica....^_^.....for those annoyed with the ship's turning, it's as realistic as if it was truly in outer space....there's nothing out there to make the laws of physics (besides Newton's action, equal and opposite reaction, and of course gravity) from earth to apply to the fighter, so if you move in one direction, you continue moving in that direction until you correct with a force from the other side....

so for realism you get kudos...^__^...but science lessons aside, the game could use a few tweaks, like for a while the Viper disappeared from the map, and yes the fire/brake on shift/space, respectively, controls are fine but perhaps swap the keys, or mebbe make brake ctrl....*shrug*

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just plan bad

sorry dude, it's jsut not a good game, the sticky key keeps showing up, and the physics are way off, there's no way to stop turning once you started.

just not a good game

controls suck

The ship doesn't turn that well at all. and it is kind of supid to put fire on the shift key. Other than that it was good.

This Game Is Just Bad

Shift key to shoot was a bad idea that stupid pop up sticky key always shows up and the ship moves way to uncontrollably.

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2.41 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2007
11:32 AM EDT
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