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This is my first *EVER* flash project that came even close to worthy of being on NG. I thought maybe a few people didn't know much about Java script and a quick easy basics guide might help. Hey, I'm no Java script expert but it's at least worth a shot to submit it. Please remember that I'm not that good at flash and by my standards of ultimate suckage, this is pretty good.

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i do need to know these things thanks

Blupan responds:

glad i could help someone :)

I think there is a mistake

Nice tut, but I think there is a mistake. But I have to say that I have no idea about java scripting. I am just doing video games with something c like script language and flash.

So the mistake at the end: prompt("whats your name","user");
So user is a variable? THen user would need to be in the reply:
Alert("Hello "+ user +"); instead of what you wrote: Alert("Hello "+ Name + "); Or I understood something wrong in your tutorial.

Blupan responds:

no i think you understood something wrong and i think i tried to explain it. if you actually did it on notepad you'll see that where your answer should be, user is. so the default answer is user. this would mean var name = user.

its ok

its good enough 2 help some ppl but you shouldnt say nothing is worthy 2 be on newgrounds thats why they have a blam test if it pass's its a winner if not just needs some touch up's

Blupan responds:

well everyone has these amazing flash animations and this really isn't as good. well thanks for motivation!

it doens't od anything!!

like ...yahhh lol no offence...but whats going on?

Blupan responds:

its just a tut. nothings really supposed to happen.

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Oct 23, 2007
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