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Dark Cut²

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Author Comments

Take the role of a medic officer on the field, performing new-found surgical techniques. Perform four different surgeries using 11 different tools. Get your patient drunk with alcohol to numb the pain, then go at it! Similiar to Trauma Center, if you ever played those games (which I recommend :)). This game is extremely violent, so heed the several warnings please.
Developed by: Armor Games Inc.
Programming/Art by: jmtb02
Music by: MaestroRage
Controls: Mouse
*This game is processor intensive. It may lag at times, but note it'll be okay. If it isn't, then change the quality during one of your surgeries.
*The more drunk your patient is, the easier it will be to keep him alive. Get some liquor into that guy.
*Accuracy is important. Be fast but safe.
*The game has an auto-save feature, so there is no need to make it all in one go.
*Read the instructions for each surgery... you cannot move on until you finished the instructions.
*9 MB load, pardon the wait.

***Dancing saw bug is fixed. Thanks Cherban :).
***2nd Dancing saw bug is fixed. Thanks everyone :). Clear your cache and reload!
***Thanks for Front Page :) :) :).

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dude the end is very coool you remove and save your Self and this is better game of dark cut.

It took a while to learn patients needed to stay drunk throughout the surgery. I got stuck on the infected leg. Somehow, the snips didn't clip off the extra strip of flesh, and only the syringe did away with it. I couldn't use any other tool afterwards, when it demanded me to bandage it. I probably did something wrong, but it sucked not knowing what to do as I messed around with whatever tools I could use.

This one loses a lot of the charm of the original, with a much faster pace and more generic music. Mechanically it's a lot better though. I just prefer the first one.

Nice improvement over the 1st game and the last operation was a neat twist but the "dancing saw" bug you say you've supposedly fixed twice STILL happens, it just felt lucky when it didn't happen to me on my 3rd retry. Other things i really didn't like are the inventory (having to mouse over to see what each thing is and I think 1-2 of the tools don't even get used at all), some tools not matching where your cursor is on the screen (comes off as a stupid attempt at immersion with pretending the mouse is your hand) and the instructions at times being Godawful ("Pour wax from beaker?" There's no f*cking beaker in the inventory! Oh, you mean use the alcohol bottle I literally just used on the cuts again which is specifically labelled as just being for alcohol... Seriously, learn to grammar).

One of the best classics on this website. I enjoyed playing DC1 and DC2 when I was a kid and I still think they hold up well now. Ignore the retards score below me, half a star because he's unable to adapt to the admittedly imprecise controls is petty as fuck. The graphics, sounds and atmosphere gave me enough tension and willingness to save all the patients.

I love everything about the game apart from the controls, they can be finnicky and unresponsive at times as tools and actions such as stitching will often not work how they should at first. This didn't cause me to lose unfairly however I did come very close to losing a patient because of this (allowing me to unlock the Take The Pain achievement).

I know this review is over a decade overdue but I had a lot of fun replaying this series and felt that it still deserves praise.