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ZombiePhil's Quiz 7

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Author Comments

I'll be Stopping My Quizzes Until 2008 Because I've Ran Out Of Ideas.



If You Have Any Idea's P.M Me

Also Have Fun Playing The Quiz
P.M Me if you have any ideas
if the questions are good enough I'll add you as an artist of the quiz

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I will PM you with my ideas, so you wont get any MP because I don't have ideas

Lol 7/10

Hmmmm.Probably your best,but still bad.

Space Bar!Space bar!Wait a sec, one moment you say ure keep it in your quiz on purpose, the next u say u cant get like rid of it.But this one is much, much better than quiz nine.Delete quiz 9,8 and basically everything else you've done,make more like this:)...

Phil responds:

Well Anyway thanks for the 7 Jamie (or however you spell it)


i see you made the back ground yellow... i guess this was to stop people using tab :3

Phil responds:



it's hard, but I would keep the space bar glitch because it will help the peolpe that mess up a lot...me....

Phil responds:

That's Why I Keep The Glitches In My Game
But It's More Fun If You Don't Cheat ^_^


the space bar makes it so you skip to the next question

Phil responds:

Yeah I Know

I Don't Know How To Change That!