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Trick or Treat the Game

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whats the deal Tom, on AS3 halloween preloader, ya gotta step that stuff up.....

anyways happy halloween all, dis here be sum little game i made fe NG and my attempt ta get a game on da halloween collection.

much respect ta LJCoffe fe da slick halloween loop!

would like to hear what your favorite character is for the reviews.

***************must have flash player 9 to work properly*****************

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I like playing it i went pretty far in it it was awesome gaming


It's a little boring... The music gets annoying after a while. try to change it insted of looping it. I like the little fact things between levels. It's an okay game


Nice game, only 2 points of comment:

Please make a score counter or something, so you can see how many sweets you have to catch before you go to the next level.

Try to do some gravity work on the characters, to make their jumping more realistic.

Well done for the rest!

Tafari-dh responds:

thank you :)
but im on to better things now.
thanx fe playin


this game is very cool. i let my neices and nephews play it, and they loved it. we had no problems with the controls or anything else. ownage!

Tafari-dh responds:

defiantly intended for the younginz

Too buggy to play.

Very buggy on my system. Character gets stuck in a crouch, sticks to walls, and other miscellaneous badness.

Tafari-dh responds:

hey would you mind givning more info on the bugz cauz they could be happening cauz of an old flash player, but if my game has problems i would like to solve them.
your help would be appericiated