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It's Halloween, right?
Candies in the night!
Tricks, treats,
walking sheets.
The children out are many,
but our Halloween is going Heavy!

p.p. Thanks for the great comments and scores dudes. We realized, that the movie runs slow when it's online, so we resized the whole movie. It's smaller on the screen, but we hope it will play better and faster.

Heavy Halloween, from Kris and Katya \m/(o.O)\m/

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The intro sequence is a bit long (how about a skip option for those with little patience?) but at the same time, it builds up the pace for the rest of the movie, calm and harmonious. I like the way the background is always stuck in the background, even when everything else is moving. It's a layered effect that reminds me of box theaters, and creates a both creative and boxed in atmosphere. Animation otherwise is great, and the musical bits and pieces that pop up, like the heavy metal when the guys hand pops out of the grave. Funny stuff. :) The ending is a bit unexpected, short and... sweet? :P Keep up the great work!



A really nice animation, that's pretty much everything a animation should be, short, simple and fun. However i think that the gap between the two tracks were two long, you should have extended the first one. And the scenes were also overall to long, you should speed it up a lil bit. But overall its great!


very nice animating skills there, also, my fav moments are when the guy walks his hed bobs up and down(ROFL!!!) and the BACKSCRATCHER!!!
defently going to favs

started off great

set the mood in the begining real nice, then it was just flat.

Oh snap! D:

Damn, I really didn't notice that this song was featured so much in this animation. Very nice, thanks a lot for using it! ^^

The animation was very slick and the joke made me smile as well. I have to agree with other reviewers on the "music" though (lol), didn't fit too well with the animation itself at the grave scene but as stated before "The children out are many, but our Halloween is going Heavy!"

Heavy indeed! \m/>_<\m/

Keep up the good work and thanks again!