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Mac vs PC clock edition

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this was a little joke i made of the mac vs pc mac comercails can you find the easter egg?

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you should've used the music.

It would've been funnier if you put the music they play on the mac vs. pc commercials in the movie. And although I prefer Macs, I'm writing this review on a vista computer. Still, it was pretty funny.


vista sucks and macs suck.... XP rules!!!!! the easter egg bird was funny 2!!!!!


that was so cool. and i thought that mac was the creative OS... but whatever. I completely agree.

RobertClock responds:

awesome auce

not bad

7 because i kinda liked it

RobertClock responds:

kewl beans

I watched and Wrote This Comment on an XP

I am not gonna give it a 10 just because I own a Windows. PEOPLE WITH MACS, VOTE FAIRLY ON THE FLASH ITSELF, NOT YOUR OPINION!

I believe the XP is like a woman, and the Mac a man.

XP are complex, and have too much nonsensical crap sputtered around that Mac proved could be done away with. All XP users when going to a Mac crap their pants and dunno how to use it. Mac users can sometimes comprehend a Windows, just ignoring the "conviences" provided, and using the stuff that's actually helpful.

Like some previous posts, animate more, instead of using sprites.

This is hard to type when trying to breath with a stuffy nose, and holding a blowpop for an easier airway. lol

RobertClock responds:

ok... that means you do or dont like it?

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4.31 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2007
5:50 PM EDT