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Awesome Compilation Vol 4

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Awesome Compilation 4

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I remember this as being one of my more favorite Awesome compilations, but this MP4 is not as good as the original Flash. You can't access the easter eggs, and it doesn't sit long enough on the menu to hear the menu song that Ego made specifically for this flash. I still remember how the song starts after all these years, and was hoping to hear it again... I hope they restore the original file at some point.

Nice and random

so this was kind of "NICE" this was pretty enetertaining and random I like all the different animations you have made here the animation was kind of smooth and most of all it was entertaining, I do think you could make more of these and make them longer somehow, but I liked it for what it is.

I do think you could make more of these and make them longer somehow


the FF7 one got me xD

The completely awesome mp4 version doesn't let you see the easter eggs.
I hate the mp4 player.
The movies in this compilation however, are as good as always.

FF7 one still kills me years later. XD