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Stick Vs. Sprite Revamped

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Author Comments

You may or may not remember Stick Vs, Sprite Part 1. The what i call now piece of crap attempt i made at a flash. Well, i come to you now, the ssame movie, but REVAMPED, RE-ANIMATED, and better than the original. Many of you said many suggestions, and i took most of them and made this. Enjoy!


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prety good...

you should make it longer and put more work into the animation

It was alright,

It was ok. But sprites seem to be over done. I mean you have to put a story to it in order for your "sprites" to be good. You rarely can have just a little fight scenes.

Try to use sound effects. There is a "secret" way of using them. You simply put each INDIVIDUAL sound in a movie clip. That way the sound comes just where you want it.

Overall it was alright, the sprites had a smooth animation to it.


This needs allot of improving. It's a bit too jumpy, parts went either to fast or (more commonly) too slow. I haven't seen the original and I think I'm glad I didn't. It sounds like you improved, but my second flash movie (when I was 11) was better than this. I suggest you leave newgrounds for a few months and practice making flash. Look at some tutorials around NG.
For this movie, (if you ever remake it) you should add some SFX and make it longer.

KingKombat responds:

sound effects...i hate those. they can be so sneaky around ther internet.

Too early for a remake.

The story was really nothing new. Sticks fighting sprites has been done and random fighting to the death is really old now.

-I gotta say I actually preferred the paint brush style of the stick from the first flash better than the line tool style this flash adopted. You clearly have improved your animation from the last flash but paintbrush makes things look so much more natural. But don't get me wrong, it's a good thing to be trying out different styles.

-You gotta make a proper background. A single line doesn't quite cut it lol. You would've been better having no background in this case.

-The text wasn't timed well. I had trouble reading all the text at times.

-Looking at the positives I suppose the music was chosen well for the action at hand.

The animation has improved but I think it was a little too early to be remaking this flash. Though I'm not entirely sure it was entitled to a revamp at any time anyway.

Hopefully your next flash will be a more original entertaining story. Good luck :)

KingKombat responds:

1. Eh..i dunno. The line style made it a much cleaner style, but yeah i think i see what you mean.
2. Yes...but the file size, its not the file size...its getting the bg on there. Ifd io needed it moved, sometimes it would really slow down.
3. Yeah, that was a problem i had found too many times. the movie was meant to be revamped for 24fps, but due to animational flaws, i had to cut it to 12 fps, meaning te text would be there longer. i had decided this too late...
4. yea, it was kinda hard fiundoing the JUST RIGHT music...
5. stories never get old...but i suppose its timwe to move on >_<
6. hope fully i come up with a better 2nd one....

I can at least see effort but...

Well here are a number of things:
1. Too short. ...just like this explaination
2. Text speed. At 1 point i thought the text remained on screen too long and others didnt last long enuf
3. No Storyline or Reason. other than they wanted each other to die (for god knows what reason) there is no real point to the fight.

I would say its a good start but its gonna need improvement.....and maybe some better dialog :P

KingKombat responds:

hey, tell me the point of iraq!

and im not even making this one bigger except for some bugs. i am going to make part 2.

Credits & Info

2.96 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2007
7:56 PM EDT