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Xmas game

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Author Comments

A christmas themed cursor game. Get thecursor to the F without touching the walls or any moving objects. There are 10 levels in total.

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This game wasn't anything special compared with the other mouse games, however the secrets made me laugh! That is what made this game so fun!

Was ok

Was ok.

Nothing too new or intersting. Need better graphics in my view.

Nice game.

I beat it and I know the secrets, I just won't reveal them to anyone else trying to find them out, you guys will just have to play and find out for yourself. It was a good challenge (besides knowing about the secret at the end) and a little fun while it lasted, but this should not be christmas themed at all, its merely weeks before Halloween anyhow, what gives with a Christmas game?

Make the maze walls seem like dungeon walls, bloody, hanging skeletons, maybe some corpses on the ground, or even spikes all over the wall, and all of the traps can be gauntlet-like, deadly spike traps, stone walls that move back and forth to crush you, improve on the graphics, make it seem more real and actually give us the feeling to want to survive through the mazes.

Or if you want to go down another path, have the walls look like proximity bombs if you touch the walls, you blow up game over, and actually make the mouse cursor look like a person walking around, in the previous idea I gave you make it a soldier or a gauntlet runner, in this current idea make it a tactical bomb difuser or someone of that matter, you get the idea.

And when a gauntlet warrior or soldier touches the walls or hits the traps show him being torn apart or smashed by the traps, lots of blood, and for the bomb difuser or counter measure officer, have it show him being blown up to smithereens if he touches the bomb infested walls. :)

Other than that the game was better than what I put it out to be, nice job on making it to where I actually wanted to beat the game, it gets some interactivity points there, but you should make the graphics and levels more interesting, traps more realistic, etc. etc, not bad at what you did though.

Note: if you make games like this in the future, do not include that little secret you revealed at the end that makes this game much much easier to nagivate through. ;) Everyone would know, and just whisk through the levels , just don't include that feature in the future games, assuming everyone who plays and beats this finds out about it.

Thanks for the game, it was great for what it was.

6/10 (Improve the graphics and quality, other than that nice game play.

3/5 Vote Panel.

xVegetAx, NG Portal Sergeant.

Waw this was a VERY good mouse game!!

There was alot of effort & creativity in this game, Please, teach me the ways.
I'v favorited alot of mouse games becuase there probably soem of the most funnest simple games you can get, I favour you! :D

Why was it christmas themed

Why was it christmas themed, it was just a song. And also if you held down the mouse you could pass through everything. You could also add to rollover down so that it checks for both

Credits & Info

1.96 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2007
3:13 AM EDT