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First submission to newgrounds, yay! Hope you guys like it and especially the WoW fans.

Give constructive criticism, but don't post reviews like "LOLOLOL ur vid is t3h gay!!!!1one!"
Thats just pointless


(original youtube vid) http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/406013



fuck yea george fisher corpsegrinder is fucking funny

F***ing awesome

this one is f***ing awesome. cannibal corpse is f***ing awesome. hell yeah!! power to the corpse grinders!! keep f***ing supporting metal!!

Too funny!

Now this soundboard would be 100% true if the age of the guy was lowered by 10 years. Horde has been nothing but a bunch of little elf kids since TBC went live. It got so bad on my server with the blood elves I went to the alliance! It's much better as I would rather put up with a night elf then a blood elf.

Anyways, I liked this sound board a lot and it reminds me of a guy around this age in my old guild. He had like 6 level 70s, had ground to High Warlord (horde) in the old honor system. Yeah, total loser but he never ragged on the alliance because he acted his age. The guy in this soundboard acts 12.

Hell yeah, fuck the fuckin' Alliance!

I don't play WoW, but I have friends that do. I'm also a Cannibal Corpse fan (my name makes that pretty obvious). I've seen the interview, and my friends would easily agree with George on the subject of those damn Alliance blood elf bastards. As one of my friends would say, "Go die in a fire ya fuckin' pathetic Alliance assholes!" Cannibal Corpse rules! 5/5

P.S. Fuck the Alliance! XD lol

ok not bad...

I'm not a Canibal Corpse fan nor a WoW fan. but I did find this extreamly funny. my only advice is that most sound boards at least the ones I've checked out are set up so you can use them to make crank calls. and the way this is set up unless your callng your WoW nerd friend all the time I don't see how this would work. BUT I can see if you were to take the clips make them alittle shorter and give a few more options with short clips then you have a really funny sound board to work with.

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Oct 18, 2007
7:24 PM EDT
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