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halloween e-card maker

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Author Comments

OMG i cannon BELIEVE this didn't get blammed!!! Oh well! THis is also my first interactive flash content I made ages ago

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there are other sites to do this

I'm sorry, but you can make cards like this on other sites. Its nice to see your in the mood for halloween, but it fails to deliver.

Not very practical

I review it in this manner because obviously this was neither a movie or a game designed for entertainment purposes. Frankly, compared to a real eCard this is of less quality and more difficult to use (print scrn button, cutting out the background of the screen, etc.)
I can't really complain about the flash itself, i mean, it does the job, but in earnesty the job just doesn't need doing, so to speak.
One thing i would recommend (besides scrapping this idea for flash submissions) would be to have the entered text (to and from) remain static even when the user changes the background.
Again, good luck in your future submissions.

Thank you!

And rally cool cards!^^


better than that other thing....

but wat do u do wen u have picked the background u want to use?


Well it's ok, but a bit too simple. If you were able to actualy move the text, not only type in and change background it would be much better. Keep up the work!