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Update 17/12/07 - FRONTPAGE'D! Amazing... been aiming for frontpage for years! NewGrounds got me into Flash in the first place (back when Flash 4 was the latest version!). Thanks NG Staff and anyone who voted!

V1.4 Uploaded... a few bug fixes, etc

Weekly 5th placed game? Thats pretty good! Not bad for a first game (in a few years at least). Next game will be front page! (its good to have a target!)

Daily 3rd place? Awesome! Thanks voters! And thanks for the gleaming reviews! Makes it worth all the stupidly late nights trying to get the game finished! :)

Gravitee is basically golf in space! Using [tweaked] Newtonian physics, get the ball on one planet through the gate on another planet. Gravitee boasts 20 achievements to complete, 4 types of medal to earn, 10 rounds and 20 unlockables. A short in game tutorial will run you through the controls. And all in less than half a meg!

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Nice that you fixed the bugs worked great

This reminds me of the Galactic Galaxy Golf games by Armegalo. Yeah, I think those are better. I really missed not having any music in this. I only know realize how important it is to have in a game. This was still decent, as I enjoyed seeing what moves I could use. I like how when you get the hole, the ball just keeps on going forever.

It was also pretty easy to understand. I think it could have been more detailed, though. You should have had more stuff going on. It still managed to be hard without it, though. I guess I just like games about space golf.

terrible graphics

this game is fun but i dont reccomend playing it 5 hours a day


Needs a restart button. It's annoying when you're going for a plat and when you miss you have to press like 5 buttons before you can try again. Other than that it's a fun and addicting game and is good to remember when you're bored.

fun and inventive

This game is quite addictive, and unique. The graphics are pretty simple, but they do look good. I like that there are a bunch of courses to play, and
the achievements give something to aim for, and replay value.

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4.24 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2007
5:00 PM EDT