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The Dragon Game

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If you're leaving a review, have something more to say than commenting on the length of it.

Basically, this game was one of 3 created as an assessment task in my Multimedia class. The others will not be uploaded here due to their extreme shortness.

Have a storyline:
The witches have hunted the dragon race to the verge of extinction, now, it's time for you, as the last remaining dragon, to avenge your fallen brethren. Dodge the witches, roc flyers, and the rocks launched at you from catapults far below, and destroy the Tower of Evil.

All content is purely original, including the soundtrack. Any similarity to other intellectual property, including audio, is purely coincidental.

Lastly, enjoy, and hit me with some feedback :)

Audio used:
4 Part Guitar Harmony, by me.
The Power Metal Riff, by me.


The game was a bit short, but it felt long because I didn't know what to do until when I attacked the castle and thats how I beat the game. (LOL) But this game is so cool I am a dragon lover :3 (PLZ RESPOND)

mikeyoung responds:

Sorry, I haven't logged in here for at least three years, haha. Coming back makes me want to start doing little things like this again. Glad you liked it :)

Can't believe I thought using Comic Sans was a good idea back then though >.<

I blows up the tower!!!

Fun little schtick simple and too the point. Most of all it was intuitive something alot of games lack.


i do think your on the right track fer making games but maybe something like three different types (like higher health or power) of dragons would have done something more for game play. other than that and the length i think it was a great first step and i am anxious to see if you come out with something better.

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Fun little game.

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hmph... bad

i didn't like it, it was too short and very boring, and what is the f**king storyline in this?
i gave it a o/5 and a 0/10
next time, make it longer with a decent storyline

mikeyoung responds:

I notice it's got a higher score than either of yours :P

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2.52 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2007
1:16 AM EDT
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