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Battle 2

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Second battle I submitted!

Badly I couldn't find any battle music, if anyone has any tips,
always welcome.
I tried to work with Vcam, but I seriously don't know how to do that.
Hopefull I get alot of tips to get my Vcam skills.


P.S. The background music is named: Rampage. Made by DJ KolJ.
<http://www.newgrounds.co m/audio/listen/99147>


like nice animation kinda just sort out a bg

i mean u get a bg and all and make it look generally nicer and make it much longer u might have yourself a good movie

Too Short

Unfortunately a bit short...
(No, a short movie doesn't deserve a short comment)
You might evolve the monologue into something interesting like a story or so. I don't want to critizise the sprites or the good animation, it's just... shorter than an advertisement. Put some cutscenes in it, make the action longer, make the opponents stand up again, make him fight against several people at once, make him struggle or let him get into trouble and play a hero. Like this, he is just doing a bank robbery, touching all the clients down and smashing the staff to the wall and escaping... or something like that... ;-)

P.S.: the music doesn't fit :'(

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"Dammit where did everybody go?, I'm going to get a drink"

The end..

Clearly you are still in preschool.. are you not?

Next time, if there is, Make it with a little more story and not just a stereotypical almost stick man fight scene..

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Always nice with a little random stick action, hehe. keep up the good work!


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2.70 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2007
4:48 AM EDT
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