Crowbarman+Santa 4ever

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First off, the production values are VERY low... but the rage is not. Ongoing inside jokes and pranks at each others expense have led me to post this ultimate humiliating taunt to my arch nemisis and unfortunate aquantance Crowbarman, who has an unnatural attraction to that jiggling red fat man we all know as santa. Really! Whats up with that?!?! Here I post a testament to his love. If this even gets past the initial stages, please rate high purely so that it may come to his attention, or at least so his shame can proliferate. My appologies to those who actually submit AMAZING things, please bear with me.

If you must blam, please blam the other one. Thanx, unless its crappiness is such that you genuinely NEED both of them gone, which is perfectly understandable.


as the procreator of crowbar man... i can attest

as the procreator of crowbar man, i can attest to his deep unnatural affection for this jolly fat man that some call santa... i've spent thousands on therapy trying to "cure" him of this disturbing obsession; i'm now filing chapter 7.

submitted twice =I

u submitted it twice =I um ok why did u sumbit this for ur own personal venndetta anyway um yea dont do this again

deepfishstick responds:

Yeah, long story... I wouldn't call it a vendetta but I am happy about his newfound anguish. As for the submitting it twice, thats just because I'm a moron. Would, I ever submit anything again, I'd actually, put more effort into it, its just that specific circumstances COMPELLED me to submit this... >.<

nevermind what i said

you just submitted 2 at once yeah that was kinda pointless but i will rate this one as if that never happened and it wasnt bad a little funny but you definately need better production quality but it looks like you can draw and nice song choice

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Oct 16, 2007
1:01 AM EDT
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