Bowser's Kingdom: Eps 2

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We join Jeff the Goomba and Hal the Koopa as they continue being inadequate bad guys. The only other villains possibly worse than them are the local union of Shyguys. Watch the hilarity, more episodes are coming later this week.

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"i'm on fire!!!" this guys voice is hilarious.

One of my favorite series on newgrounds!

damn, now this is a trip to the past. took me a while to find this series, i couldnt remember what it was called. all the gay jokes havent aged well and it relies too much on references (i was in high school when i first saw this, so no wonder i thought this series was so funny), but i still get a little chuckle here and there.

Once you have Van Halen in the video, you make it 1000000000000x better, also this is as nostalgic as it gets

I saw the Light
it told me you're gay.