Bowser's Kingdom: Eps 2

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We join Jeff the Goomba and Hal the Koopa as they continue being inadequate bad guys. The only other villains possibly worse than them are the local union of Shyguys. Watch the hilarity, more episodes are coming later this week.

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The best part was the gay joke. The first one, not the second one or ones. It seems like they're breaking the fourth wall. They talk about how Mario was developed by some Japanese guy. Well, they're not breaking the fourth wall of this cartoon. How odd.

Christopher Walken's voice is so great. These conversations just come off as so realistic. I wish I had butter. The voices are all really good. The sprite work is as good as ever.

Nice. I don't really have A comment on this one, Great animation and humor.

I like Episode 2! Cool.

What are you... GAY?! Kamek is the best.

Great sequel.