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RPG Tower Defense 1.5

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Hello, thanks for trying out my game. You can find more information about this TD at http://www.eAlienSoft.com as well as future versions of the game.

Next enemy mode is listed in bottom left of map.

Normal enemies go at a normal speed and have normal hp
Armored enemies go at normal speed and have some extra hp
Fast enemies go at fast speed and have slightly less hp
Immune enemies go at normal speed and have normal hp but take no damage from magic towers (which are ice, fire, and arcane towers)
Boss enemies go at normal speed and have tons of hp and give extra gold and score. Ice towers also have less effect on bosses.

The wave delay decreases after every level until there will be a steady flow of enemies coming at you.

Mine's give you 2% of your gold every 5 minutes, and Churches produce Prayer Points which are used to purchase Wraths of God!

Good luck :)

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How is this rpg?

The title says "RPG Tower Defense 1.5", I've yet to see a single RPG element in the game. The game seems very difficult if not in sandbox and there doesn't seem to be any use for the other towers because of the low range, high base cost, and high upgrade costs. The cheap 30g towers are the most cost effective towers in the game, and I never built anything but those in either mode. I tried building other towers in normal and ended up not being able to create an effective maze, so I couldn't stop them from going through. In Sandbox, you have infinite money, so you could use other towers, but the range is just so powerful when you have a large maze, and they are just so cheap to mass upgrade.


@VariusMayhem Well, if your lvl 1278, maybe you should either stop playing or make a new guy :3.
I found this to be my least favorite TD defense game, and im a fan of TD games.

Great game, tough begining, from there . . .

Normal mode lvl 61 0 leaks

tough part was figuring out how to get past the fast guys lvl 4-5 ish once you are past them to game goes easy

Good game real hard though

Hey does anyone know of any games like this one? I like defense games like this where you can build your own maze. All the other ones I see they build the path for you and those arent as fun. Help me out!!

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3.51 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2007
5:42 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place October 16, 2007