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watch and vote... this animation isn't really animation. just watch for the comic value it holds


How did this get saved?

It really shows me that an author put very little effort into a work when there are TYPOS in a FLASH VIDEO! IT'S INCONVENIENCE, FOOL! I'd blam this if I could v.v

Why do people still think that they can get away with stringing pictures drawn in MS Paint together? If you're going to pirate Flash, you might as well pirate photoshop and make some prettier pictures.

YSC responds:

uh... chill man. i made this movie three years ago without even knowing how flash works -_-
but thanks for caring- you spent more time on your review than i did on the whole flash. :)

"comic value"??

so, a guy gets up, is bored, then decides to kill everyone... i dont get it. What's sad is that's the whole story, dont bother watching this. BLAM!

YSC responds:

a little too late for the blam, lol. this was submitted 3 years ago -_-

Not to bad

Very nice Humor you got going there I like your style.

You just need to back it up with more time spent on the graphics and add some sound and it would be briliant


the graphics are made to do the story, they are great even if not 3D


this is ok except for the sound. i can expect this person to make alot of good movies in the future. and it was a brave idea to have sutch an unused graphics type. but to be onest it sucked.

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3.06 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2002
1:27 AM EST