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Clayland - Ghost! pt. 1

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*Can you guys please submit this to the Halloween collections, maybe? Thanks!*

Two claymen are being chased by a real live ghost! Or, are they?
Clayland 2007

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Well there is nothing wong with a brittish acsent!
im brittish and i life in england!
good clay land episode!

good stuff!

I love clay animations...really nice work. But as heytherejake said, the arms could be more fluent. Other than that, keep up the good work :) all my 10 are belong to u!

Bad ending

Good idea though. Also, make the arms more more naturally. Nobody talks by raising one arm, people actually move their arms while talking :D. Oh, and your red clay seems to be getting overused... :D

TechFlash responds:

Thanks for the tip, Jake. Soon as I'm finished with part 2 for this film I'll use different colors, and make the arms move more fluently :).

Good show old bean....

.......this was hilarious,..been one of those days where I saw a lot of crap on the portal,...so I said to myself,"OK,..One more flash" Good thing I did,...great stuff,..and not too short like a lot of the claymation here.

TechFlash responds:

Glad you liked my film! And thanks for the 10, it means a lot :).