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Emos Are Stupid:Music

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Author Comments

Emos Are Stupid:Music

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music is gay

but the emos complain that life doseint go there way so grow up guys life is unfair so grow up we go through that crap and grow up

toris and chavs... they're just a bunch of knobs

okay... this is a note to whicever dumbass made this crap... as said before this is simple plan... simple plan are not emo... i meen hey look at it this way take leona lewis for example... i know she has a fair bit of talent from winning X factor but in her song bleeding love... i'm surpirsed some dumbass hasnt come round and said oh look she's slit her wrists and all that was in her veins was love... omg thats so eeeemooo... (blud)
you see my point though... next time you try to take the piss out of us emos consider GETTING THE RIGHT SONG AND DOING YOUR HOMEWORK ON THE SUBJECT... seriously... dont do what those tori pricks did to my chemical romance because then you'll sink to their level... or are you there already...? you dont see emos doing stuff like this to you guys do you?... and i know this is probably a load of bullshit to most of the people who are going to look at this but it really is something you should take into account... remember how bad the racism was about 40 years back... in martin luther king's time... this could easily turn into that... then you'll all be fucked
now fuck off and go smoke some dope... stop making mistakes that could cost you everything


I have yet to experiment with flash and already Ive made something better than this. In other news, some of you should check the ACTUAL origin of "emo" haha. But yes. Simple Plan is "pop punk". FOB is "crap". "Emo" is a fashion statement. And elt me guess. The author is some sort of greasy metalhead who prefers Screamo? Oh so much talent in that area.


wow this was really good! i liked the song and the stick figure with headphones! i also liked your lettering! and the prase emo music is gay was awsome!!!!

im being sarcastic, this was really bad and unoriginal, yea people hate emos we get it you dont have to mention it every 8 seconds and exploit it for rateings, try to take the time to make something good and well animated please.

That was terrible!

Look that was bad but even this took time to make So I giving you 4 stars

Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2007
11:17 PM EDT