FIDWTCT pilot episode

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wow this one looks like least bit hopfull. [Just Kiddin]

Inspired alot by Bonusstage (check http://www.bonusstages.co m/ if you have no idea who they are)
Yep Coals up to being him...with my shitty voice acting. Yes I know there is alot to be desiered in this, however I like the result, and hopfully I'll improve as the series progesses (if I get it off the ground).

Oh yeah and that new guy is called Grey... his a DJ and A ZOMBIE! 8D
Ps. I can't spell AT ALL!


im sorry but how did it pass?

i don't get how this passed judgement,i laughed but cmon its literally only 12 seconds long...

cmon dude make a LONG one! at LEAST 3 minutes long and i will be laughing my ass off cause you have the talent but you dont have the patience!!!!

please PM me when you make a longer one n i will crap myself and go ZOMG I WANNA CCC!!!!!! lol
work harder!


This could turn out to be something good...or terrible, it's up to you, but at least the voice acting made me lol.

GearType responds:

XD I'll hopfully try and make it good


I enjoyed the voice work. Can't wait to see the full show.

GearType responds:

thank you very much


It's good pilot

GearType responds:


keep on truckin'

Nice for a pilot. Can't wait for you to actually make an episode. Only downside is it took longer to read the comments than to watch it ={(

GearType responds:

yes well, this is a test. The real thing will be much longer (I'm hoping)

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Oct 13, 2007
6:28 PM EDT
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