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Kingdom Hearts Anime pt1

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This is the Destiny Islands section of the Kingdom Hearts manga brought to life. It has all of the dialogue and story line of the beginning of Sora's journey. I hope that all Kingdom Hearts fans like this and it brings about new ones.

A big thank you to Disney and Squaresoft(Square Enix).

Kobra Editing

I made this back in October of 2007, when I had very little prior experience in voice acting and was more concerned with just giving the characters voices than actual credibility. I have done my best to improve since.

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4.5 cuz some dialogue was incorrec but other than that i liked it even the voice acting

this is awesome a little to fast thow still i like

good but they speak a little 2 fast. also when soras drawing on the wall and the man talkz hes all like O_O its funny look how hes covering it ups

im a huge fan of kh and i owned all de games bosses were hard but everything else is kinda easy

everything rocked except 2 things......
1) voice acting. it's okay :|
2) the story is going pretty fast. i know it is complicated to make a long anime, but it seems like he got to traverse town in a few seconds, if you catch my drift.

\other wise, it rocked! keep making videos!

Simply superb,the only reason i am not giving you a 5 stars is the voice acting,it could have been better and like another user said it sounded forced at times,like your trying to get the emotion but it's not coming out.