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Non-Sense Quiz

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Thanks for passing it through! I don't expect it to be a great submission, but i'm gonna improve it. Oh, yes, about the english, i'm brazilian (as you may guess by my username) and i'm just 12, so i don't have a great english. If anybody could help me out w/ that, i'd appreciate.
Oh, about the aspects people were talking:

* There is just one life
* There are save points
* There are timed questions (not all of them)
* The quiz is ment to be incoherent, if you don't like it, them you shoudn't be playing the game!

So please don't talk about it again, okay?

ah, finally I finished this game! I believe it's my first good one, and, as you may saw already, this is a quiz game. It's inspired on Impossible Quiz and it's dedicated to it. Well, if NG people pass it through i'd be thanked! Well, there's nothing more to say, enjoy the game!

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how come

it stops at 11

it is crap

make questions better,more lives plz,coloured background.

Click me

What do you do in the click me one?

Very nice

That is a funny quiz like the impossible quiz XD

brazilpower responds:

Thanks! By the way, the questions are ment to be funny and incoherent, not "crazy logic" like the impossible quiz.

Nice effort, but...

The impossible quiz, makes sense, just in strange ways. This quiz has random answers. Plus there is no life bar. Wash your car now and the answer is no? just doesn't make sense.
The music was good though.

brazilpower responds:

Yeah, i agree the questions are pretty random... i'll work on that. The music is from dimrain47, good you liked it. Thanks for the review!