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link el transvetite

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also ADHD 5

made this today and had a lot of fun doing it xD
it took me approximately 2 hours.

5th episode of my randomness.

in case you dont get it, link thinks that he is supposed to use the women's restroom (not realizing its for women) because the dress on the bathroom sign looked like his tunic and they both, also, have long hair.

i really like this :D

storeboughtarmy.deviantar t.com

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NO NO NO NO before i even watch this NO!!!!
okay nevermind LOL XD


That was a good flash, especially since you say it only took two hours....amazing. I love Link and related flash keep up the good work...... might wanna change the title to something about Link/Zelda..... you'll get more views.


I thought it was pretty funny. Very original. And I liked it because it was right up my alley. In case you didn't know - "my alley" is shorts based around a single concept or joke. Yours was the fact that link wears a tunic that resembles a modern day dress or skirt which is hilarious! I loved your cartoony drawing of link, it was much like the "Real Legend" Link that are in the top 50 portal. I'm sure you've seen them.

Personally, I think you'd get a better amount of views if you had a better thumbnail pic than the blurry blue link, I'd go with a clearer pic of Link and I'd name it something about Zelda/Link, something like that to attract attention. That sort of thing may not seem like it plays a part, but they do. This is funny, needs more views and reviews.

what the hell man? :(

jerk! my brother has ADHD and hes smart as hell.

making fun of disabled people isnt funny, man. :(

storeboughtarmy responds:

im not making fun of anyone.
i have ADHD.
i make these animations because i cannot focus on a series for very long so i make a bunch of random, almost incoherent, animations in between.
get your facts straight douche bag, before you go around criticizing kids on the internet.
cause everyone knows thats what real men do.


this is only ok because its *kinda* funny wish it was longer though and with a little more adhd

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2.52 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2007
10:41 PM EDT