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This is a fun rhythm game that also helps you learn to type better. Play short clips from six different songs on three (or more??) difficulties. All songs are submissions to the Newgrounds Portal.

Beat all levels on all difficulties to unlock something.... something secret....

EDIT: sorry, huge glitch in the instructions. Fixed now though.

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didn't work for me

Typing is not exactly my thing"But for some reason, I'm feeling physically challenged after playing this game"! And "I don't like that feeling!

...no no no

What the hell am I reading? I can't understand what letters i'm soppost to type. Is that an s? an a? WHAT???? and It made me lag VERRY bad.

I like where this one is going though. Just make shure the letters are universaly readable, use the Arial font or something.


I get what you were trying 2 do but it was 2 confusing i gave u 1 star for effort.


Well this was an interesting game kinda hard to understand the first time but still it was interesting

An improved interface would be nice

Entertaining game