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Ignito Pulse

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From the mastermind behind 'Indestructotank"

What would happen if you mixed the gameplay style of Megaman, Geometry Wars and Snake? - IgnitoPulse. Travel around neon arenas in two different game modes collecting as many glowing orbs as you can, all the while fighting to blast a relentless onslaught of enemies. Run, jump and shoot your way to victory on the high score boards while collecting powerups to help you along the way. How long can you survive for in the world of IgnitoPulse? This is a game caters to the little bit of hardcore gamer in every Newgounds fan - can you survive the intense challenge? More importantly - can you be the best?

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The name vaguely reminded me of Metroid. I guess it was just how the main character looked. Given how small it was, it could have been a chibi version. I was impressed by the bright colors. It really was interesting to see where the orbs would show up next. It can be pretty hard.

I guess it's not meant to be played with a laptop. The music was mysterious and ambitious. The title's pretty cool too. You could have had a larger level. I guess that might have made it too easy.

its too easy in practice

try arcane and gauntlet its bether


only 1 level????


This game was pointless and stupid. Why do I even nedd a gun? what are the bombs for? there are no enemys. this is too easy... Oh wait. I'm still on practice mode. nevermind. Disregard this.

That was pretty cool

I was playing this game for a while and couldn't stop because it so so addictive and awesome. It would be a lot more fun if it had medals of some sort.