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This is a doll creator me and angelc0p created. as you can see we still have alot to work

version 1.0

if anyone gets the chance check out my site at


The music credits goto TAM Music factory


Also check out my deviant art page

http://keyeske.deviantart .com/



Not bad for a dressup game actually. The only funny part is you can take off her bra and panties but it is not too revealing overall. The choice in music makes you feel real relaxed as you play this game as well so nice work there.

Liked the large variety you had to put on the chibi which is good for a dressup game because you want to have some variety rather than a small selection based strictly on what you like. That would be no fun to the player.

Overall though, a pretty nice and simply dressup with soothing music.


your game has potential brotha!


I'm poisitive as well. If you add more clothing and repair the glitches, it'll be a dressup to talk about!

Keep it up!

It's Cute!

I like it, nice music, nice art. Only possible problem is that sometimes when I try to change something the cursor picks up another item by itself. Aside from that, very solid work!

It´s cute, but yes, it needs improvement.

The girl design is nice, but the resolution makes pictures look jaggy. It´s a pity. Did you use bitmap?. Not a good choice... Vector will look better and will allow you to make transparent dresses, they´d look really nice.
The music is really nice, good choice here.
Not much variety in the clothes... The same design repeated with different colors...
Turn the hair into a movie clip and change it with a button. The shape of the skull is ankward. If you don´t really want to put sexual features in your doll (You know, nipples and other girl-thingies.), do the same with the underwear. This will avoid strange-looking weirdos and save you space for more clothes.
I´m also working in a dress-up, too (but with nudity), so I know the troubles you may find. Fix it and you will get something really good.

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2.85 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2007
5:46 AM EDT
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