Goku vs Superman

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finally a did an animation with my favorite character of dragon ball that is (goku)
i and some friends were thinking who will win in a fight with goku and superman
and i decided to make this animation with these great fighters that everybody love them
i wanted to make another final but my flash became very slow
and i couldn't do more but i hope you enjoy it anyway

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I like the animation, your really talanted on that. On the subject of who will win, I think it depends. There has been no good videos showing it, not even the screwattack video. I don't think that either of them would fight, especially since that they are both good guys. Screwattack made goku look like a complete idiot and superman look like an evil prick. I don't think that neither of those match those characters and there are videos about how screw attack did their math wrong and how they choose superman because they like marvel more than anime.

good but you got everything wrong Superman would be the victor. I believe the reason you did this is because you do not want to accept that Superman is far superior. However i like your version of art work,it actually inspires me to make a script on this superman vs goku story and give it to one of the new upcoming flash animator choppy style artist, whom i believe did the Superman vs hulk animation. Anyway good work love the may you made the characters your own in terms of drawing style.

No no no no no. Someone didn't do the research. When we are talking about canon comic book Superman, there's no shot for Goku.

See, that's the thing, people keep forgetting that Goku is NOT the strongest character of his universe. Superman is precisely the type of challenge that fusion characters were developed for. You'd a minimum of Vegetto. Maybe Gotenks could do it. But something as weak as Super Saiyan 1 Goku? You insult the Man of Steel.

You see, this was a chance to come up with a climatic plotline that was actually interesting, rather than make Goku look like some kind of Mary Sue. Something like, Goku fights Superman. Goku gets ass kicked. Vegetta intervenes. Vegeta gets pwn'd. FUSION HA! Then Superman gets beaten back.

And that's why I have to rate it low for the missed opportunity.

It was cool.

You should've let Supes put up a better fight. Goku`s a badass ,but it just seemed a little unfair. But, that's just my opinion.

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3.99 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2007
6:44 PM EDT