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The Kubby Chronicles Ep 1

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This is the first part in a series that I'm working on for Steve Kubby, a Libertarian Presidential candidate. Steve is also using this as a fundraising vehicle and wants to feature donors in these episodes.

If you'd like to learn more about Steve, please visit:


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This is one of the best animations I've seen on this site. It's about time Libertarians get represented. Totally agree with everything in the video. Great job... I've never even heard of Kubby thanks to mainstream media. Hope he runs again in 2012 if Ron Paul doesnt.

The best political cartoon on this site.

As a libertarian, I approve of the message this very cartoon has. A lot of people may not like the Jib Jab graphical style, but it gets the job done. Plus, the lipsynchronization is spot on for many of the characters in this. The sound was also great with no problems from any standpoint. Of course, the aforementioned takes a backseat to the writing which was smart and original. I also enjoyed those jabs at Barack and Hillary you did.

What I liked:
-A good example of smart writing when compared to most of the political cartoons here.
-Good animation, especially the lipsyncing.
-Good voice acting and sound.
-The Libertarian theme and the jabs at both Dems and Repubs.

What I didn't like:
-No Wayne Allyn Root, another Libertarian candidate who almost got the LP nomination.
-Not everyone will like the Jib Jab style.
-No taunts aimed at Al Gore, Bobby Jindal, David Vitter, or Joe Lieberman.

Overall: There needs to be more Libertarian-themed cartoons here, and you have done a great job, Nate. Here's a Nine for this, and I hope you and Steve make more of these pro-Libertarian cartoons.

very interesing

I like the imported graphic type style of people. This looks really good. Excellent mouth animating, facial expressions, and hand gestures. Great little south park part. But wow this is a very under-rated flash movie. This is excellent!


Dude, I'm glad he sorda got this on newgrounds. Marijuana needs to be legalized, medical or not.

Tax it, I don't give a shit. Yeah to u for posting this, and yeh to u for bringing kubby

I liked it...

great form of propaganda, "thats not a bad thing", I loved it, but you could have spent more time on the south park voices.

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3.73 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2007
3:53 PM EDT

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