B.C. Enter the Something!

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This is the second movie to the Blair Chicken series, it's kinda short and lacks story but I worked really hard on it. I like the first one better, you can never beat the origional. I think I'm going to stop production on this series for a while. Any way enjoy. And Happy Halloween. Also I would have made it longer, but the other stuff I wanted to put in there exceded the file size limit. Well, you may need to turn up the volume a little.

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That was funny...

How do you put video footage into flash?

ZombieswithJetpacks responds:

Go to import video, then follow through with the easy lil' step by step thingys until the video is in your library.


ha ha ha ha yeeeeee

Dude what the hell man that was insane I loved the way you incorperated flash with real life I have not seen that done before.

ZombieswithJetpacks responds:

tHaNKS, oops, caps lock was on, I've always loved film, and flash, glad you liked it, I liked the first one better though, anyways thanks.



ZombieswithJetpacks responds:

thanks, hopefully I'll be able to turn this into an animated series with my friends.


my g-d that was retarded lol! its like one of those movie comercials you see on tv and you say "wow how stupid, why would they make that?" then you go watch it on opening day! XD. very original good job. have to knock 2 stars off though sry because i dont like it when people video tape and call it flash sry :( i liked this though, all my fives belong to this

ZombieswithJetpacks responds:

thanks, well I don't think I called it flash, but I did post it on a flash oriented website, so I'm at fault I guese. Anyways thanks.


Very funny, I finally got to see your parents! :P

ZombieswithJetpacks responds:

Yeah, see you later Karmastrike.

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4.20 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2007
5:05 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody