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Invasion: episode 1

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Click the text to proceed with the flash. you can even press tab + space

if you sit through the short credits you will be given a message about the "you know what" then in
3 - 5 seconds you will be brought back to the menu.

This is the full version of the preview flash i made before this one. There are more scenes after the yoshi scene. This flash is not a KK flash. It is an independently made flash, but it does have a made up KK character in it.

Movie info:
file size: 744 KB
FLA file size: 62.9 MB
Frames per second: 24
Frames: 1672
Time: 69.6 seconds worth of frames

After mario killed Big fuzzy kitten for wasting a perfectly good power star, his psychotic brother gets revenge and wrecks havoc on the mushroom kingdom. There will be 2 endings. Ending 1 is a happy ending and ending 2 is a tragic one.

For those who cannot read the text, PM me for the dialogue.

i just learned how to make linear colors and color swatches, the graphics on ending 2 have been revamped.

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how bout 10 stars

sucker i lied it sucks


You sure do like killing yoshis. Nice use of sabbath.

is it the apocolypse?!

This is probably the first, last and only time I'll give a flash involving a KK person in a positive manner something higher than a 0... because at least this actually has some work put into it...

Eltelelel responds:

yeah thanks. I did put work into it after i aquired the skills necessary to create an average to decent flash. It is not so much as hard as it is time consuming. The hard part is making original art on which i am trying to improve on.

Nice one!

This one was pretty funny. The plot was nice, I liked it.
I'm not a fan of sprites, actually, I don't like them. But this one was good, one of the few flashes with sprites that I liked. Also, I liked the song by Black Sabbath.
But you should draw BigFuzzyKitten better. It didn't look very well.
Also, I've found the secret button. It was pointless for me, but that's ok. Nice work, keep up the series.

Eltelelel responds:

I am glad you reviewed sir-nits. You are one cool dude. That was not big fuzzy kitten, it was his crazy brother. I made him cross-eyed and gave him an overbite with sharp teeth. To give it that mentally insane serial killer look. Expect this review page on the abusive review thread. :) It appears as though i have encountered the attack of the "non-reviewers". absent or kidray76 will make them go bye-bye

not that good

this flash is not that good the back ground was carp
the story was not that good and you did not put your all in it

Eltelelel responds:

*Opens up the macromedia flash pro 8 flash creator program on your computer*

lets see what you can do... im waiting...

listen, if you can make a flash better than mine, or even a flash to begin with, than you can be the one to talk.

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2.18 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2007
8:40 PM EDT