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The Song Art Project

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The Song Art Project!

How this collab worked:
I listed 20 song titles, and users were to draw a picture based on the song title (not the song itself, but a few have bent this rule). The layout is easily browsable, and intructions are on the main page! Please read them.

Everyone likes reviews, except for harsh ones. Please use constructive critism! (we also love positive reviews! :D)

- The Song Art Project Crew

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I felt like writing a review for this -after two years- well I gotta say masterpiece was TOAS' StoneCold n SmilingIdiot did great as well. and all others too.

SOOOOO.... When ll we able to see Song Art Project 2 thread?? >=/


The idea for this collab was cool, and for the most part, the submission itself was done really well. The graphics were great and I loved most if not all of the parts of this collab. Truly something great made here, and it really entertained well. NIce work.

It was pretty good

It was an awesome collab, but it would be awesome if you click on a pic & it plays the song

Now this is the sort of art collabs id like to see

It was entertaining and fun to browse thru the great pics. My favs are my man Havayosunu, TOAS, UnderARock, Amyeh, Saza and StoneColdSoul. But shit, that Seek & Destroy pic is da bomb, literally lol. What i miss is the way you guys could set up the tracks (i dont know shit about actionscripts). There was only one track looping, so yeah it wouldve been even cooler if i could click on a title, and both track and pic would come up. But nonetheless, this collab seems quite awesome, im gonna fav it. Hurrah for a good organized collab :D


It turned out great!

It would have been cool if when you click a pic it plays the song.