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Random Comic - episode 25

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Colin goes back to school, hilarious results blah blah. Enjoy it. Last episode of RC for a few weeks (if not months)!

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Just watched all 25 eps in a row!

I have thus far enjoyed your comic quite nicely. I would love to see more of Kat. Perhaps her and Collin could go on another date? I realise that the depth of Colin's character means that it will go no where, but it would make a very creepy "Haven't we been here before??" Ep. Perhaps then followed up with Kat cheating on him with Dog.

I think some investment in some better microphones would do a real justice to the show. I have to really turn the volume up and even then i have a hard time understanding what your talking about. But then again, I am Aussie... the British spoken word is just a bamboozalment to my perfect vocabulary and pronounciation!

Good work though. Your episodes, enjoyment I have had.


colin seems alittle shorter but still awsome

jonwash responds:

We had to keep washing him during this episode. He lost about half a foot. Sorry.

XD Hey you back off

This is the first time I've seen this series, and that sounds kinda bad for me since it's episode 25, but I really liked it. I couldn't help but think of "Billy Madison" Though when Colin had to go back to school... XD
Smooth animations, funny dialogue, and it's random as well, that gets a 5 from me!


that was brilliant keep up the good work


lip syncing needs some work but you not low on any humor, one thing though... in the classroom scene, were were the little kids legs and chairs?? XD

jonwash responds:

It was a school for amputees.