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- colorwars -

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Colorwars, a stylish color-matching arcade shooter.
Inspired by Luminara.

***Note that this is not an infinite game, there is an end to it if you play well enough =)
***Changing quality can be done via the pause menu (press P)

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Not Bad

not bad but i wish it had more colors as you go on but it was pretty fun and retro too


seemed like the game was rushed not tht fun i didnt feel tht there was much of planning to this game it just seemed like there where random spawn points for the enemy's. you can do better than tht

Simple Fun..

I liked this one.. it's a nice and simple concept but the game play is not as easy as it looks.. a little practice is needed to get things going.. My only trouble is trying to avoid enemies my mouse leaves the game box and I'm vulnerable to attacks.

Good concept that could use some work

I like that you change colors to eliminate enemies, that adds a new twist to the genre.

While anchored, you should have been able to spin around. Also, the lives gauge looked like zeroes, which faked me into thinking I began with none.

The graphics were very good and created a retro-type feel.

I like colorwars, but if it were as polished as I usually see, I would play this rather often. This was a missed opportunity that could potentially have a second chance.

Not cool Good basics, way to hard