Flash5 Tutorial 1

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Any proplems in this tutorial, please review me. (I'm using Flash5!)
Please Vote! i wanna get into frontpage!! :D


Not bad

It's a little too short, but I give it 10 for choice of music! :D

helang7 responds:



That was pretty cool, but next time make it longer

helang7 responds:

ok, thanks!

Could be better

Heres how to improve:

The over all layout of the tutorial was crummy maybe spruce it up a bit and make it look more professional.

The NEXT and BACK buttons are just the letters maybe fix that and make it the total area

Also goes for turning the music onand off, that is especially difficult considering the size of the font there

in the first step the images which you have provided are VERY hard to read so much that I can't read a single word maybe increase the quality of the photos or find another way to display the information

You may also want to include a sample of a loading screen (while you have one already) you may want to say, well you could use this basic screen blah blah and how to code it properly

also the font for the steps were a little hard to read at times so you may want to look into that as well

As for the final pasting into the actions box you may want to include what the variables are and how they may effect time and what not

well thats all I hope these tips helped ^_^

oh and one more thing, unless making a collection of tutorials I think it would be wise to stick with 1 detailed tutorial per flash rather than 2 really short ones

helang7 responds:

Uhh...Ok, thanks.

massive load time for little content

Try to make the load time about a fifith of what it is at the moment and considering its a flash 5 (rather than 8 which is the latest) tutorial i dont think that it is very much help to anyone. the graphics are simple and is good for about 3 seconds. sorry but try harder

helang7 responds:

Hmm...ok, i hope i get the latest flash8! :D

no need for this

there are hundreds litterally hundreds of preloader tuts here nothing personal theres just no need for this u look fairly decent good luck

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helang7 responds:

Oh, realy? i was hoping this was the only one.

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Oct 5, 2007
9:28 PM EDT
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