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*EDIT: Frontpage again? Oh NG, you're too kind. ;)*

Wow, I put this Flash aside for months and finally decided today would be a good time to put this Flash on Newgrounds.

This Flash is a music video to the song Superman by Lazlo Bane. I began this Flash a few months after I first began Flash and I worked my butt off. Unfortunately, I had to put it aside due to school and other projects. I went back to it many months later, but decided to leave it as is, to remember how good it was and how proud of it I was. I wouldn't want to rush something.

The thing I am most proud of in this flash is the graphics and the lip synching. The thing I dislike is my use of tweens, but I'm not really beating myself up over it. I was beginning Flash and needed to learn how everything worked. :)

So, I hope you enjoy this Flash!

PS: The band Lazlo Bane has seen this flash! Take out the space between the 0 and the b when you put it in your URL, thanks:
http://i20.tinypic.com/r0 bdrd.jpg

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love it

Its the best flash I'v ever seen. AWSOME! love the song. ( I...CAN...STOP....SINGING IT!!!!! EAGLE!!!!! lololololol)

world class

nice job scrubs rocks and you enterpreted it really well


iI love seeing animations that look like they have taken a long and very hard time to finish, knowing that its your favorite show its nice to know you did this all with fun, good job is all i can say, job well done.

it was alright

animation was ok but the characters didnt look anything like the actors

Well, I'm so glad to see a Scrubs flash! :D

It's nice to see my fave show being animated.
I know how hard it is to animate! D:
Woo! Same age five! *highfives*

The tounge..a little much..D:
But the big thing was Dr. Cox shooting JD.
He would never do that to his protege.
That's definately something the Janitor would do.
But still, that aside, I loved it! :D
Great job.