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MAJOR UPDATE: The game now uses mouse controls, so if you played this game on your keyboard, it's a whole new ballgame with a mouse. Jumping now charges twice as faster, you can sway at a further angle, some levels have been made simpler, etc)
NOTE: It say's it's the Kongregate only version, but I forgot to delete that text. I'm re-uploading a new version without the text. Sorry about the mix-up.
UPDATE: Thanks for Frontpage Tom/NG... I don't know why this game is scoring so low though. Reviewers are typically saying great things about the game so can I get more comments as to why people don't seem to like this game?
UPDATE: Tutorial shortened.

Hello again Newgrounds!

Pojuko is a physics based platformer filled with 20 levels of crazy bouncing fun, with the ability to let users make their own levels! Pojuko hosts a unique movement system which offers players a whole new way of experiencing 2D platormers!

Feel free to post map codes wherever you like (more details in my Newgrounds account blog/news) so that others can see your creative level making talents. Be sure to post your best levels (anywhere on the internet) with your e-mail address and a name to give credit to for the chance to see your level in the possible next version of Pojuko, which will feature a selection of my favourite user created maps... that is of course if people actually enjoy the game...

This game does not contain a high score system because they are too easy to exploit. Instead, I recommend that players post their best times or amazing slope mastering skills in video format on a website like YouTube!

I hope you all enjoy the game!

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Well, I would probably like this game more if not for the fact that it's freaking hard! It can take so dang long for you to get the angle just right. Not to mention the fact that you die so easily just by not balancing it out properly. The worst thing is probably how you have to collect all of the coins in a single bunch in ONE jump or you don't get to keep any. At least you don't have to get them after you've died. If someone else does a lot better, I will be impressed.

The graphics, music, etc. are all pretty good. It's just too easy to die! I suggest you probably get rid of one of the hazards that kill you, either falling below or falling on the wrong angle. It's just so easy to ruin everything! I wish I had some idea what the name meant. Did you make it up?

Wow challenging

I really like this game but the last couple of levels get REALLY fucking challenging.

I hate this

You have to make the levels easier

Hm... Tricky!

It was a bit tricky at the start, but when I played for a while, I got it!
Pretty orginal idea you have there and a very good one.
Good job!


It was entertaining, and the campaign was difficult but fun at the same time. I liked this game and its sound effects, though I hope you know it is not humanly possible to beat every level in your specified time frames. Still, I liked the idea of the game and the map editor. You should make some new things soon.