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Be touched by our collection of beautiful, uplifting, inspiring and thought-provoking religious quotes


Whoa! George Bush Sr. said THAT!?!

More thought provoking than anything else...kinda funny in an ironic sense. I wonder what problems other religions have...

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ha nice

its sad that this is all true but im glad someone put them all together in one beautiful, uplifting, inspiring, and thought provoking flash.

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Understand how much variety in life there is now.

I really doubt the Bible could still apply to people in the 21st Century.
War, disease, famine? For an all-knowing, all-powerful being, that is NOT good work.
Religion has many loopholes. Don't get me wrong, I'm a licensed reverend, so I do perform the traditional weddings, funerals, and exorcisms, but c'mon...

I can't fit reasons why the loopholes exist, because there's not enough room here, but religion and politics are pretty similar in my eyes. They both have a being of power, whom are supposed to guide us, and both have places like church and the White House that serve as their main place, and they both take our money whether it be through taxes or on Sundays.

But loopholes. EVERYONE will tell you that. Even the people in that religion. Like how Muhammad could NOT have been a prophet, ranging from the slaughters, his slave ownership, forcing his followers to drink canned urine??? Overall, it turned out quite similar to Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.
Sure, WAY BACK WHEN THE WORLD WAS YOUNG, these people did serve as saviors and saints, because people back then were stupid and would pretty much believe anything they were told.

But hey, different cultures have different traditions, so if they believe bizzare things will save them, then it's fine. Just I don't think religion was the best thing to put on Newgrounds. Unless it's humorous, politics and religion should be dropped. Being able to laugh at yourself is the first step to getting past the wall of ignorance.

The flash isn't what could be considered offensive, but the person who stated these bits thousands of years ago. Apparantly the 10 Commandments were given to the prophet up on a mountain, when NO ONE was around...

That was good.

I got one thing to say.
Be mad at the person who said it, not the person who made the flash.

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I think it's pretty funny some of the ignorant stuff that people can say. Perhaps in "their reality" that stuff is true. You got some narrow minded A-holes in every religion. Obviously not all muslims are suicide bombers. (or we'd be in deep shit)

Unfourtunatly, many religious leaders and politicains look at the world and try to see what's wrong in the world instead of whats right. These guys are the same people who want to illegalize abortion. Sure its wrong, but it's not the governments job to tell us what is moral. If these jerks took time to help the people they condemn the world would be a better plece.

Sorry about the rant. Anyhow I found the flash to be quite informative. Some of the quotes ran by like an indy car on the final lap of a race.

My final thought is please don't judge us bible thumpers by the extremists. Some of the quoes offended my core and thats good cause it got me thinking....

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