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Super Happy Fun Time 2

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We continue our story where we find our lost hero washed ashore a large mysterious island. What will happen next?

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Better then the first!

Kid you are SO going places ;)


On the contrary Diabetes IS a laughing matter if used in tasteful context and I think that goes for most things. Yes, what tasteful is rests solely on opinion but that's way better then being a humorless tool about some internet cartoon in which the most objectionable thing that happened in it was a completely innocent comment about someone saying he has diabetes. Also I've checked some of the flash Mr. "fetuskiller1" likes and I would keep my big mouth shut about offensive material if I were him.

(BTW fetus killing is not a laughing matter, faggot!)

This is the kind of hypocrite who is so brain washed by political correctness that he would say he is offended by a light hearted racial joke when he isn't even the race in question, regardless if anyone else minds or not, including those who are ridiculed, who have more of a right to complain. Sometimes you have to laugh, especially at yourself, otherwise you probably stand a good chance of becoming a pretty warped individual who likes to kill fetuses.

There! How is that for a review? It has nothing to do with the movie at all. Damn I'm good! I should right your responses for you SherClock. Although HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAAAAA!!!!!! is also acceptable.

SherClockHolmes responds:

As I said before you will start off low earning little money, but gradually you will step your way to the top of the ladder! Also YOU HAVE DIABEEEEEEEEEETUS!!!!!


awesome...i could kinda tell it was gonna be random and have nothing to do with changing lives but was still funny

good work, the art is kwl

SherClockHolmes responds:

I bet from this moment it has changed your life, and thanks!


well he may be a big fan of your work but i sure thought that was annoying. the voices faded out so i had to turn my volume up and then all of a sudden really really loud "I HAVE DIABEDES"

way to go, you've completely annoyed and bothered me. the only reason i was so generous to give you a three was because the art work (which i hope is yours) was pretty good.

now go die

SherClockHolmes responds:

Dieing is the new fad I mean come on mayun everyone is doing it.

Yo wasup


SherClockHolmes responds:

Thank you my good man!