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PotG Episode 1

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Author Comments

This was the first proper flash animation that I ever made. I actually made it about a year ago but it's been sat around gathering virtual dust on my hard drive.

Planet of the Grapes is a parody of Planet of the Apes (obviously) and follows Pip the raisin and his crew mates aboard the Banana1 spacecraft.

I originally intended this to be a long story consisting of around 5 episodes but as this took me quite a while to make in itself I haven't found time yet to make anymore.

So, i'm going to treat this as a sort of pilot episode so if the reception is good there may be more to come but if it gets blammed, well, maybe i'm wasting my time...

Reviews are appreciated but please try and be constructive (ie instead of just telling me it's crap, suggest something to make it better)

EDIT: Please don't get too put off by the cheering at the start, I know it's annoying but it I can't find the original file so it was a bit too late to do anything about it. It doesn't last too long and the animation does get a bit better once it's finished.

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Yeeeaah!, Yeeeaah!, Yeeeaah!

First and foremost..... that yeah-ing drove me crazy! It was so annoying that I was just going to click off and automatically 0 the flash! But I tried to be fair and give it a chance. The art is.... simple, and the voices are so-so.

But the ending cutoff of the flash into a "to be continued" kinda got my interest for some reason (points for intrigue).

Yeeeaah!, Yeeeaah!, Yeeeaah!, Yeeea-BANG!, BANG!, BANG! BANG! BANG!

......Yeea-BANG!, BANG!

.....Raisin pudding anyone! ^_^

pretty good animation but.

the background music scares me :$

Badger3112 responds:

Background music?

I'm guessing you mean the cheering. Yes, it's annoying isnt it.

Raisins have nipples?

I actually thought this was pretty decent. The graphics were good, there was some sort of story and I liked the voice actors.
My only real quibble is that it was sometimes hard to hear what they were saying because (I'm guessing) you mic is a bit crap.
If this was made a year ago then your skills should have improved since then so it might be worth trying another episode to get a better idea of what people think.
In summery I have written this poem :

Me like!
But get better mic!
I gave you a five!
I am on your side!

Badger3112 responds:

Thanks for the positives. Yeah my mic was pretty crap and I threw it saway not long after I recorded all the vocals. I got a new one the other day so if I do make an episode 2 it SHOULD be better.


Its a good start. I think the story is promising and I am interested in seeing where it goes. You should, however, touch up on the graphics and animation to make it more aesthetically pleasing. One major improvement is the sound. The voices are too low and the repetitive 4 second cheering hurt the overal presentation.
A few touch ups and you'll have a good series.

Badger3112 responds:

Ugh, the sound was a bit of a problem wasn't it. I think my microphone was a bit dodgy but I have a new one now.

No cheering in any future episodes I promise!


That was really good for a first flash.

One think i will suggest is background music. I don't know if it is hard to do, but background music really keeps things interesting. Just watch TANKMEN if you haven't already, the background music is effective. Use it next time =P

Please make the next one, i want to see the APPLE-Fighters. =]

Badger3112 responds:

Thanks, I only really left out background music as I wanted to try and keep it simple and didn't want the filesize to get much bigger. I might consider it if I make other episodes.

I thought the APPLE-Fighters were a nice touch myself, the last few episodes might include lightsaber duels but i'm trying to decide if that'd be too cliche.

Thanks for your comments!

Credits & Info

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Oct 2, 2007
4:38 PM EDT