Hey There Sexy Boy

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A handsome young skater boy is bothered by a horny stranger on the streets.

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I wish creepy old guys had asked me to suck their cocks when I was that age *SLURP*

thank you junkyard! very cool!

Lmao I remember watch this when I was 14 years old. You are so funny, you remind me of Filthy Frank. Watch this makes me feel nostalgic... and how can you do these without laughing it's so stupid funny.

JunkYardAnimations responds:

Believe me.. if there was a camera in my room and you saw all the footage of me laughing to myself like a jackass while cartooning youd think I was crazy! lolol.. thanks so much for the review and you shouldn't be watching that if you're only 14! :P :P

Of all the tasteless shit you put out this one takes the cake