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School Fool

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Can I borrow a pencil?

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I guess I'm not a fan of your work. I thought it led up to a good punchline. It's nice to have a lot of fine details. It did look pretty silly, though. Obviously, this wasn't meant to be taken too seriously. I guess it should have been longer.

I do like how it builds up on itself, though. The voices aren't bad. School violence isn't funny! I just thought this was passable. You draw pretty funny noses.


i liked how the flash progressed with the guy wanting to borrow the pencil and then at the end it was wicked awesome and truely brilliant,excellent job.

Yeah fo'shizzle...fo'shizzle ma nizzle

Keep up the good work!

These little shorts of yours are great, the voice acting was perfect.
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but it looks like your style is heavily influenced by Ed Atlin. Not saying that's a bad thing because he's brilliant :P
Sorta has that hilarious awkward and random humour and over-the-top dialogue, but without as much swearing.

I love you Snubby :D

Snubby responds:

Yep it's very influenced by ed atlin. Lately though I've tried to move away from tweening characters at all.


very funny i like it ending isnt that funny


I'm sorry, I usually don't write these kind of reviews. My friend told me to see this, so I did. I seriously regret it! Maybe you should come up with something actually funny. (this was supposed to be funny, right?) Sorry dude, I really did not like it...