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Sternman Caribbean

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Author Comments

Ok, Ok. I do realize that some spam submissions have been made under sternmans name. However, this one took me approximately 15 days of work, Fairly hard work at that. So please view before voting, rather than voting before viewing, that is all I ask.

Anyways, about the movie. Sternman is walking down the beach in Cuba, when he meets his mortal communist enemy, Castro. They battle to the death, touring many (almost all) countries in the Caribbean. I wonder how it will fair out!

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oh god, the awesomeness!

wow... just wow... i've never seen something that brilliant. unbelievable smooth animation and the sounds... simply awesome. and this plot... brilliant, amazing...
wow, my life is complete now

yodd responds:

Roll on the floor depressed


I can't what it!!!!

yodd responds:

I can't what this review!!!

They call me Cuban Pete

I'm the king of the rumba beat.

yodd responds:

And when I shake my maracas

What A Riot!

What an amazing piece, this is what all Flash artists should aspire to create. The graphics were life-like, the animation smooth and realistic. But of course, you need more than lavish visuals for something truly epic. And my did "Sternman Carribean" deliver. All of the visual subtle humor and refrences were so funny. And I will be quoting the one-liners for days to come.

yodd responds:

Thanks for the detailed review

yeah, same problem

it looks like i got the same problem as others - it doesnt load...

yodd responds:

Get flash player 9. its a good movie if you can see it.