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KK Gayness On PSP

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A movie about how gay the kk is.
It works on psp,thats the only reason I made it.
If you want it for your psp,message me.

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doom for you all

may the pixies of bubblegum forest bring about a pestilence of pie for all d-list submissions (prune pie,of course)

>:( worst than them

well I don't like kitty krew to but your not better by doing that

i dont care if you're for or against the kk

it sucks and it has kittykrew in the title in the title so it should be blammed


you say the KK are so bad but i guess next time if your gonna dis a group try and make you animation better than theirs......
PS:i dont support the kk i actualy hate them =)


yeah i agree the kk is somthimes shit or gay. but why did you made it also for psp.
but i find this better than the kk.