Ask The Spirits II

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TAMBA and Viral World presents a follow up to Ask the Spirits. If you've already played the original, this one is even better with more spirits to talk to and even more chills!


lol i say i dont scare from that shit fool it replied yes its high XD

I admit that this was quite fun just to see what would show up. I recall a similar game with a psychic. I asked What Do You Want? and it said 9:26pm. So, should I wait until 9:26pm? While not too detailed, it really is fun to just see what you can come up with. It said its name was Clarence.

Here are some more questions: Does a bear crap in the woods? Yes (duh). Are you a brony? No. What's the afterlife like? Alone. Is Rainbow Dash a lesbian? No. What's the meaning of life? Alone.

What is your name-Cora
How did you die- War
Why are you here-pain

Will you be my mommy?- Yes
Is Santa real?- No
Do you believe in ghosts- No (seriously?)
Do you like Obama- yes (followed by scream)
I think Obama makes for a poor president- yes
I thought you liked Obama- No
Were you being sarcastic?- Yes (This is actually how the replies went)
Do you have a butt-buddy?- No
Do you want to be my butt-buddy- No (I died)

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*looks behind* Gulp

are you gay? yes, are you straight? no will george lucas make movies again? no are you kidding me? yes
why are you here? torture NICE! name Thomas age 42 12 ghosts with him NICE!
I must abuse this game more n see what else it gives me :D

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