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Hypocondract VS Doctor

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Author Comments

My job is to be 10 years older than Max (because of the minimum age), who does all the real work around here. I'll hand the keyboard over to him now.

Hey, Max speaking. Sorry about the terrible quality video. I'll try to replace this file with a better one just as soon as I can figure out the magic combiniation of framerate, bitrate, and resolution that just about exactly matches the maximum filesize. Flash video isn't very good, especially if you need to keep five minutes of video to a maximum of 10 megs. The current file is 8 megs, and you really need to squint to read the subtitles. There's a higher quality version on YouTube (my YouTube name is DavidTheCatMedia). Sorry about the lack of preloader: I don't have Flash or Swift, I'm just using SUPER to generate a SWF file from a WMV file. If anyone has a problem with that I won't take this down with no complaints. If anyone can point me toward a free substitute for Flash or Swift (I'm short on cash at the moment) I'd be very grateful. You wouldn't believe how many Google searches I've run on this.

This video was made by me for my 8th grade Spanish class. This is the third version to be placed on the Internet, the second version to have subtitles, and the first version to have no ending credits music. The music was lifted without permission from TooMuchSpareTime's FROGGED (which I strongly suggest you watch.) While this was fine for Spanish class and I did give Andrew Kepple his credit, I decided to cut it from this version in the interests of politeness.

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Nice spanish

Jajajaja I love watch gringos speaking english, i think they said the same when they see a mexican like me talking a bad english =$

MaxtotheMax responds:

I actually have one outtake of the scene where I'm talking though the window and my mom interrupted me, saying "HEY, GRINGO!!"

not a flash animation

This is not a flash animation, this is a video converted to SWF format. We don't want those here.

MaxtotheMax responds:

No, it's not a Flash animation.

Tell you what: I will never submit another converted video again if you buy me Flash. Sound like a deal?

Not to sound noobish or anything, but I'm somewhat poor. If you think that having money should be a requirement for being allowed to share my stuff with the world, then the fact is that you are wrong. In my humble opinion, of course.

Thanks for your input.


something about seeing 14 yr olds butchering spanish makes me laugh...

haha great

The fact this is so bad makes it so good. The fact that you couldn't pull the drawer back in, that you hit your head on the bottom of the bed, that your sounded monotone and your accent was bad, that all the characters were played by yourself, that your dad suddenly popped in to complain that you didn't say the end in spanish, is what makes this movie so funny.

You win many lol's have a nice day.


it would have sucked if it weren't for the yous coming out of random places telling you to shut up. funny in a really cheesy way, which isn't bad in my opinion. deserves to pass.

Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2007
8:31 PM EDT