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Bitches Ain't Shit Part 2

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Part 2 of 'Bitches Ain't Shit'

This part is more of the storyline for the episode, and not as many 'Family Guy' joke thingys.

Once again, I know the audio, lip syncing and animation isn't the best, but it's about the storyline. I just wanted to tell the story, and we all have to start somewhere with our skills.

It lags a bit on the last scene, but watch til after the credits, cuz there's a scene after it.

Enjoy. :3

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You could do better...

About the the "girlfriend" there are better girls around. Even so, the story is good ^^
I remember when I saw it a couple of years ago, so many memories... You see I was dating a psycho too, now I have a better gf tho...
Anyways the point is that is a great story


I liked it, but read about the scene after the credits after I switched off the pop up ¬_¬ and you spelt inteLLigent wrong but its ok :) I forgive you :3

I liked it, I know plenty of sarahs that are whores (sorry to the sarahs that arent..)

Life in your 20's

no doubt about it, Everyone just wants to have sex in their 20's and not be serious with anyone. Love does hurt because media fucked up women in the world today. The guys learn their abusive habits from father figures or other acts making it seem ok to do what they do. Sad world we live in. I am glad I am not part of those 20 year olds. I am engaged with a great woman who isn't psycho. We have lots of great sex and are deeply in love. It's nice to have found someone that has her head on her shoulders instead of up her ass. Good story though! definitely a fav!



but this one....was.....OVER 9000!!!!

I can't......CHOOSE!

so i'll just vote 5 and be on my way!

Nice Ending.

Even if you (the author) won't be able to read this, or whatnot, just as long as I get my 2 cents worth in right? Man, sounds nearly exactly like what happened to me.. tons of times? Not sure.. Friendless as I am, that part different. lol I had an exgf who was a whore - also named Sarah. Whether the girl in your story be an alias, doesn't matter I guess.. Just good to feel like I'm not alone for once when dealing with relationships, lies, cheating, etc.. & then I get out of my house & then get the same sh** happen to me by everyone else in the world (I meant me going outside from watching TV all day btw)

So, awesome animation! I like how everything was done, so early with talent! Since you stressed the lip syncing wasn't all too well, well... ya did fine I thought lol

So, a big fan of your work that I've seen on Newgrounds, thanks for making these! I also saw the other 3. (Bitches Ain't Shit Part 1 included)

-Guy D. Voted 10/10 & proud of it! -Brown nosing is fun!!! btw... Hope your life goes better! ^_^ Mine sure does stink still... a lot like topic cream... O.o;; I say for some advice, keep doing whatever makes sense to ya, have fun with life & yes... "don't worry be happy" - Bigmouth Billy Bass (whatever happened to those things??)

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Sep 26, 2007
4:42 PM EDT
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