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Lightspeed 2

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So, I haven't put a game up in three years so it's a good a time as any. Here's mini games shot to you WarioWare style, with all new graphics and all that good stuff. Enjoy, and please to leave comments!

There are 11 minigames in all, and you're at the mercy of the computer as to which one's you'll get. Make sure you try to catch a glimpse at every part of the screen, even if it means losing a life, lest you get frustrated.

ETA: If you want to see how far this game has come, check out http://www.newgrounds.com /ngmag/alphas/alpha/333

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it's great but one bad new: newgrounds player is dead

Rank: Wheel of Fortune

Nice Wario Ware like game,my higest of all try until now is 39.
The use of element are original.

My favourite game is the Wheel of Fortune,Car Plate,Spin and Roll In It.
I first thought that I have to click on pair to get the daily double.
The Luck card with 7 card need strong eye and memory to read the flashing text.

My least is the True and False,culture is need and I have less,for a French individual from France,that's normal.


Excellent game!!
No mistakes!

score: 43
rank: wheel of fortune

I love this game! I wish you can make a Lightspeed 3 game! That would be awesome! My highest score in this game is 71 (The Price Is Right).