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Iliad Book 22, scene 7

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Author Comments

Narration and Poetry by Susan Katz.
Music and Animation by Barry Smylie.

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I loved everything but the volume of the background music; it made it very difficult to hear the narration. Background music should be just that, in the background. It should be noticeable but not distracting from main point which is the narration.

Where can I find the rest of the Books?

bsmylie responds:

http://barrysmylie.com/iliad/book18/p ages/bookeighteen.htm

Here is one that I like even though it is a few years old. The component music is by Ryan Douglas engineered by me.

Good enough, again

This is obviously quite a project to take on. Although, once you have the format and the basic symbols, I suppose its not too hard to do. the tenxt at the end could do with a bit of editing, but its OK.
I like the somewhat humourous graphics, they lighten the whole thing. Glad to see the walls of Troy today. I like the idea of showing it with the Classical background like a picture on a greek pot!

bsmylie responds:

Most of the Books have been done in different styles. I couldn't spend 8 years using the same set of symbols or characters. Although, I must admit, I have almost used up all the warrior types available to the public from Greek pottery painting collections online. I changed the format a lot of times. I guess I did 500 x 450 for Book 22 because I was too exhausted to change the default format.

A mediocore attempt at a good idea.

When I saw Illiad I was pretty interested, I've just finished reading the Illium/Olympos compendium by Simmons so I thought I'd give this a look.

First thing. Was that a poorly cell shaded brad pitt? Lol. Bad call. Flash animation was a bit sloppy on the lips there as well although It was bearable. The narration was a bit stiff as well if your going to do narration spoken word stuff you should stick to your abilities not attempt to mimic a common style although to be fair it would been much better if the vocals had some decent production on them.

Compression anyone?

Bgm was ok although a bit more African tribal than old Romanic. Again a lack of decent production made it seem flat.

The style your using doesn't require much work in terms of flash animation so it would have been fairly simple to garnish it with a few nice touches. The odd crow here or there some debris etc.

Obviously I appreciate taking on even a small section of the Illiad is a task in in itself and applaud the effort.

Certainly would rather this than a sprite dbz/naruto collab. ^_^

bsmylie responds:

Transforming Iliad for the internet has taken us 8 years to do 23 books; there is one left, Book 24. Since we started using Flash in Book 9 we've been adding Flash FX as I learned it and that has been increasing our time on each book. Book 22, scene 1 - 8 took about a year and a half to complete (2004-2006). It took Susan more time to do her part than it took me to do mine. I only spent about 14 days on each scene working around 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. I only animated seven of the eight scenes so it only took me only around 1,000 hours to do. I must admit, I am a fast, thoughtless, sloppy animator who cuts corners. A real studio would put hundreds of hours into each minute.

People only started writing music in the Renaissance. It is called Pre-Musica and although we are not certain about the tonality of the instruments or the rhythm, we do have an idea of how music played 500 years ago sounded. There are a lot of people who give it a try. Nobody knows how Homer's lyre eared (or even how to sound out properly the ancient written Greek language - again not without lack of trying) so I cut loose using basically a native American drum kit and beats thinking that there might be some sort of connection between all first peoples of the earth. Those old Greeks at Troy were a lot like the North American aboriginal peoples before contact. The Trojans were more civilized, they might be compared to the Maya; they had a written language.

What is "cell shading"? I mean, I don't even know what it is; how could I do it well? Orlando Blume played the Hektor talking head.

Lip sync... pafff!

Wanna job?

Credits & Info

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Sep 26, 2007
11:35 AM EDT